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Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl
Shevaun was born and raised in the theatre. Her parents, theatrical veterans, enjoyed successful careers as Broadway dancers before starting their own Industrial company Foremost Productions when Shevaun was a baby. She grew up watching her Mom and Dad blend their talent and love for theatre and dance with an innate business savvy and yearned to have a company of her own one day. Throughout her teenage years, Shevaun began teaching dance, vocal performance and musical comedy at her family's second business - a thriving Performing Arts Studio called Broadway Bound.
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Cody Boesen Cody Boesen
Cody was born and raised in Wisconsin, where he graduated Madison Area Technical College with a degree in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. Upon relocating to Los Angeles he began working on set in a variety of different crew positions, from gaffer, camera operator, key grip, and like everyone else, production assistant. He has also directed and produced a several short films and spec projects.

He has worked as First Assistant Director on the LA 48 Hour Film Fest 09 judges' selection "Ghost Date"; director/producer of the crime-drama showpiece "Hostile Interrogation"; and most recent writer/director of the short horror/thriller 'crucero'.

Daemon Hillin Daemon Hillin
Daemon Hillin started with a career in Fashion and TV in some of the biggest spots around the world. He used his knowledge of business obtained in his travels to start a very successful mortgage and real estate company which lead to a marketing firm and also partnering in one of Inland Empires best restaurants and clubs. When markets turned Daemon looked toward LA and currently owns Hillin Entertainment LLC. He Is Producing 5 Reality TV shows and has made deals with some of the biggest hitters on the Hollywood Scene.

This is only the beginning for Daemon Hillin; he has 3 feature films in development, raised substantial amounts of equity for projects and is looking towards a busy future.

Kerry Finlayson Kerry Finlayson
Kerry was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She starting performing at the tender age of three and it soon became apparent that this would be her chosen career. Kerry went straight into performing arts school where she had the chance to play numerous different characters and learn all of the styles and techniques of acting, dance and musical theatre.

Kerry used this experience to book various Film, TV and Theatre roles. She has created various characters from a Horror movie scream queen, to an Assassin to various strong powerful women roles. Her natural progression was to move to Hollywood and pursue the acting dream there.

Throughout her journey, Kerry has studied and worked in the Production side of the industry and picked up a lot of technical knowledge as well as creative. So she now also works on the Producing side of the industry having worked on various Film and Music Video projects in this capacity.

She is currently producing three Feature Films with Fact Not Fiction Films, two through her own company Sweet Home Films and an additional slate with various Independent companies.

The last short she worked on as Associate Producer, was short listed for an Oscar (2009), it has now won over thirty Awards at various Film Festivals, including most recently a Producer's Guild Award.

Ben Staley Ben Staley
Until he was a teenager Ben Staley could count his visits to a movie theatre on his fingers. Growing up in rural Alaska he didn't have a television or indoor plumbing until he went to collage. Movies were always a special occasion, always magical and always the only thing he ever wanted to do.

Ben tried a lot of other things first, he climbed cold, remote mountains and survived. He learned much about himself and the power of the mind and body.

And he was always shooting. Always making movies. Of everything, everywhere, all the time. And at the end of the century, he sold nearly everything he had and moved to Los Angeles.

He studied acting, started directing and kept shooting. He performed stunts for 100 million dollar movies, wrote and directed short films and began showing his artwork, photography and films around town in several underground galleries. Friends began to ask him to DP their music videos, documentaries and shorts. Soon they began to hire him. He was asked to show his art in a private show on the east coast. Work behind the lens took him into south-central Los Angeles with SWAT teams, onto high security bases for the US military, and oversees to the arid deserts of Israel.

In 2006 Ben co-founded Present Day Pictures Inc. in an effort to develop more personal feature film projects. Movies are still magic. In 2007 PDP produced it's first feature film and Ben was the Director of Photography. In 2009 he co-produced and starred in BOY|MAN which won the award of Best Short Drama at the International Family Film Festival. He is currently working as a Director and Cinematographer, and writing a feature film that he will direct.
Yes, movies are magic. You can see his work here:

Gordon Vasquez Gordon Vasquez
Raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles Gordon found himself involved in technology and fascinated with the algorithms of the various search engines. Technology and Entertainment was especially hot with online Video and Gordon founded RealTVfilms which brings Hollywood and New York events with candid interviews to the virtual world.

Now seen as a pioneer in providing online accessibility through Viral Video, RealTVfilms incorporates candid interviews and event coverage into the Social Media platform for fans and followers of Filmmakers, Actors, Celebrities and the Music Scene. Since its inception in 2008, RealTVfilms has produced over two thousand interviews at various events ranging from Press Junkets, Award Shows and After Parties to Charity Functions and Fashion Shows, as well as various Sporting and Music events. With a growing fan base, notably clear on Facebook (5,000+ friends) and Twitter (1,500+ followers) it is no surprise that RealTVfilms interviews average up to 20,000 views per day, making it a major player in entertainment event coverage and exposure.

With a bevy of skilled hosts on call, all uphold strong foundations in various fields of the entertainment industry. Each host boast's a resume as unique as the events she covers, guarantying a unique personality along with solid coverage for each interview. With over 40 years of entertainment experience under the combined RealTVfilms hosting belt, no event goes uncovered!

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