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Conversations with Lucifer Wherein we keep an ever-evolving list of people and places who have lent their support in whatever way...

Mark my words - making a short film is no small feat! We are not cutting a feature in half or into quarters! We are taking every bit of skill, discipline, passion and creativity and giving it cinematic expression within a clearly defined structure. This structure has a beginning, middle and end and lasts the equivalent of 15 minutes or less. How do we do this? With HELP. With FAVORS. With GUILT TRIPS and BRIBERY (Haha, just kidding) Or am I???

The unfortunate fact is that because "Conversations with Lucifer" is a short film, there is a ceiling on it's potential for a return investment. The people who donate, who offer their services gratis, who reach out to lend a hand (or both) are people who BELIEVE in the film makers and the story we are trying to tell.

Now, we are early in this process, but want to show those of you who already have thrown some support our way, how grateful we are. Please accept this page as a humble but sincere tribute to you.

To: Joe Devaney, Nicholas Bloy, Luke Sica, Maureen Cavanaugh, Rachael Drummond, Nichol Frusteri, Fabiana Morales, Maria Leccese, The Foti Family, Iris Corliss, Ryan Eades, Nicole Moler, David Hassell, Deventre Macmiller, Ryan McDermott, James Fernandez, John Dougherty, Danielle Rose, Mike Kelley, Patrick Fiduccia, Sara Swertfager, Lisa Collier, Christa Hirleman, Dedra McCord Ware, Laura Casper, Erin Reese, Christie Carnevale, Doug Schneider, Melissa Fumero, Joey Murray, Joel, Ryan and Diane Koerber, Tom Newth, Jim Frawley, Lorenzo Doumani, Scott Magri, Jim Gleason, Laura Lodge, Diane Namm, Sheri Nadel, Amelia Cavanaugh, Brendon Worley, Jade Luber, Charlene Landry, Ngoc M. Ngo, Adam J. Kastl, Paul Kastl . . . . . .

Daemon Hillin - for reminding me in my bleakest hour that I am not alone and have people who will stand by me. You are incredible gifted and are headed for much success. I am so very grateful to have you on my team!

Kerry Finalyson - my ROCKSTAR of a producer. You are an incredible woman who can do it all. I feel it was serendipity that brought us together, and you know I am a huge admirer of your work! Thank you!

Ben Staley - who stepped in at the eleventh hour as our PHENOMENAL Director of Photography. You have such a gift and I could not have chosen a better eye for my vision!

THANK YOU for your generous donations!
We are chipping away at our budget and every bit of financial aid is greatly appreciated!

To Cody Boesen - my director - a man of incredible talent and vision who I am lucky to call my friend. You are a great "find" Cody and I have complete and utter faith that everyone who watches this film will see that. You've been my #1 ally, confidant and partner in this. I was able to become Darby Quinn under your care and I am so grateful to have you in this with me!

To Gordon Vasquez of RealTVFilm - for jumping on the CWL bandwagon and showing such incredible support! Not only is this the start of a beautiful collaboration with RealTVFilm, but also a beautiful friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you for laying out all of your resources and leanding your much needed support!

To Samantha Gutstadt - for helping tell my story! Your poise and grace under pressure is a wonder! I am so grateful to have you on this journey with us!

To: Terry Rossio and Jocelyn Stamat - for opening up your beautiful home to us! Your abode is a little slice of heaven and we are incedibly lucky to have it as our venue for the fundraiser. Beyond that, Terry, you continue to amaze with your generosity as a party planner. All of the "extra touches" will make this night all the more special! We could not be doing this without you!

To: Rebecca Kitt - a woman for whom I have a wealth of respect and gratitude! Rebecca, you have such an amazing heart! Our friendship is new and untested, and yet you have given your support and resources to this project so freely and abundantly! I can't wait to coach this material with you! This pretty much makes you honorary acting coach for the principal actors of CWL! What can I say - we strive for the BEST!

To: Mike Wallace - for your generosity and willingness to do whatever is needed - whether it be holding a clip board or helping secure locations! You ROCK!

To: Maureen Cavanaugh, my mother - it is no surprise to me that you were the very first to contribute to our cause! You are my mentor, my best friend and a marvelous woman who is the epitome of strength and character! If only Darby had been lucky enough to call you Mom!

To Brendan Davis - for being a source of inspiration and encouragement. We began this journey together and though we are parting ways on this particular venture, I take with me all of the wisdom you've imparted and the kindness you've shown. Thank you for supporting my abilities and challenging me in unforseen ways to follow my heart and go with my gut and let my passion and drive guide me.

To: Mike Kelley - a man I am truly lucky to call my friend. Not only are you a constant source of inspiration to me with your creative genius, but someone I can always count on for support and counsel! I simply adore you!

To: Amelia Cavanaugh - Busia! I know you probably won't see this as you don't have a computer, but I cannot put into words how INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL I am to have a grandmother like you. I know that you believe in me, and that's just priceless. I have a mission to make this film something that's worthy of the people who are investing in my talent and my vision. I promise I will not let you down. Thank you!

To those businesses and persons who made contributions to our fund-raising auction, THANK YOU! We could not have done this without your incredible donations! These include Wolfgang Puck, Ora's Art, Domenico's Artisanal Foods, Boris Schaak, Rebecca Kitt, Paul Gregory Photography, Flicka, Carl King Creative, Tailwaggers & Tailwashers, Hype Studios, Native, The Oaks Gourmet, Laurie's Flash Framers, Ray's Photo Lab, Option-G, Real Raw Live, Writer's Boot Camp, Dark Sun Astrology and Rudolph's Hair Salon!

Thanks to Shaun Benson of BENSO PHOTO for taking amazing production stills! For more information, contact Shaun at 310-383-9544

- Shevaun
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